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The club first opened its doors in the November of 1987. Almost immediately after Steve Balaam-Reed passed his Shodan grade!

It was then based at the Albemarle Centre in the middle of Hull. It wasn’t long before the venue became unavailable to the club and it had to find another home.

After a spell of moving from hall to hall and even a brief spell of training on a field. The club eventually moved to its current location at Hall Road Primary School and since being there it has enjoyed a much more stable time.

The club currently has a healthy membership with a few members with a lot of potential.


Training Times

6:00 - 8:00pm
Endike Methodist Church, Endike Lane

6:00 - 8:15pm
Hall Road School, Hall Road

7:00 - 8:30pm
Fitness First, Clough Road, Hull (behind Halfords)

9:30 - 11-00am
Nuffield Health Club (near Odeon Cinema) City Centre.

Steve Balaam-Reed - 4th Dan (Chief Instructor Chikara Wado Ryu)

Steve began training at the age of 17 with the E.KA. (English Karate Association) With Mike Sutcliffe (currently 7th dan) and made steady progress up the grades.

Eventually he passed 1st dan at the age of 23 and around this time got selected for the E.K.A. National squad, fighting both in Enland and in Europe.

He went on to be ranked 4 in the light weight division at E.K.B. level before a knee injury ended his competition career.

At the age of 32 he found himself back at the nationals (then renamed the E.K.G.B.s), this time in the Kata section after that year winning the Heian Ryu title.

Currently a 4th dan and with WADO UK. he is one of the most respected instructors in the Hull area

Craig Bunting
- 1st Dan (Assistant Instructor Chikara Wado Ryu)

Craig Has been training at the club since he was 10 and has worked hard to gain his Shodan. With lighting fast kicks and a good Wado attitude he is certainly a talent for the future.

Emily Watson
- 1st Dan (Assistant Instructor Chikara Wado Ryu)

Emily joined us from another Wado based group as she wanted a more authentic Wado experience. Since then her talents have blossomed and she has been able to show her true abilities.

Grading to Shodan with Craig she is a valuable addition to the club.

She was 2007 Wadokai European Ladies Kumite champion at 60 Kilos.

Unfortunatly her job doesn't allow her to train at the moment.

Tracy Balaam-Reed
- 1st Dan (Assistant Instructor Chikara Wado Ryu)

Tracy began training when the youngest (Thomas) of the Balaam-Reeds Joined the Club.

Since then she has trained very hard to be the black belt she is.

Above she is pictured with John Moreton 7th Dan Chief Instructor of WADO UK

Thomas Balaam-Reed
- 1st Dan (Assistant Instructor Chikara Wado Ryu)

Thomas began is currently the youngest ever Black Belt in WADO UK.

One of the best competitors at his age in country it is only a matter of time before he achieves his potential.

His pleasant manner and infectious personality make him a very popular member of the club

Josh Ralph - 1st Dan
(Assistant Instructor Chikara Wado Ryu)

Josh has trained extremely hard to gain his Black Belt.

He has an excellent attitude to training and always strives to perfect his technique.

Always willing to heip lower grades he is a valuable member of the club.

(even if he does prefer Hull FC to Hull City)

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Steve Balaam-Reed